Why Should I Use A Stockbroker?

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Although many know what a stockbroker is, the question of “why should I use a stockbroker” is often left unanswered. Understanding what a stockbroker can offerto your investment process will better equip you to decide if and when to include a stockbroker in your investments.
At Hedley & Cowe are passionate about the advantages that we may be able to add to your investment decisions.

Advantages Of Using A Stockbroker

Investments are complex. Using a stockbroker can have so many benefits.Understanding the why is often at the root of most human decisions - before turning to a stockbroker and their services, it is understandable for one to want to understand what they get out of it.
Humans are beings of incentives, and understanding how you will benefit from a specific transaction often guides decision making.
With that being said, why should you use a stockbroker?

Broader Financial Advice

Using a stockbroker to guide your money management means you have access to their broad knowledge of stocks, shares and investments. Stockbrokers often come with a variety of resources that you may not have access to - making the process easier but also contributing to investing success.
Their understanding of investing means they may offer specialist advice and information on investment choices.

Only A Phone Call Away

Another reason why you should use a stockbroker is ease. When investing, you need an understanding of markets, liquidity and trading platforms. Using a stockbroker can offer you that, all under one roof. Liaising with those who have a wide knowledge of multiple platforms and the ability to access optimum prices makes the process much easier.
Streamlining and simplifying money management is a huge advantage of using a stockbroker.

Access To A Wider Network

Stockbrokers have access to a bigger network, sometimes including the foreign markets. Being able to invest in markets you wouldn’t particularly have access to if dealing with them alone can largely contribute to your investment success. Using a stockbroker could offer an extensive list of stock options.
Offering versatility with your investments across the globe is a huge benefit that you wouldn’t necessarily get without using a stockbroker.

Record Keeping

Managing your money is no mean feat, keeping on top of different platforms and where you are investing your money can be complex and difficult to keep on top of. One of the main advantages of using a stockbroker is in fact really simple - record keeping.
Depending on the approach that the specific brokers follow, stockbrokers can keep records of trades and investment activity - meaning you don’t have to.

Why You Should Use Stockbroking Services At Hedley And Co

Here, at Hedley and Co we offer stockbroking services most ideal for those investors who have experience managing their own portfolios. Despite our execution only dealing approach, we may be able to offer the same advantages that we have explored in this blog. Working alongside a stockbroker at Hedley and Co can offer huge advantages, specifically rooted in our dealer’s knowledge of markets and trading platforms.
When working alongside our dealers at Hedley and Co, you can expect a considered approach, offering guidance through the use of different platforms and trading screens.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in exploring the advantages of using a stockbroker - why not have a chat with the experts? Get in touch with a member of our stockbroking team at Hedley and Co today.
Our team are on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding why you should use a stockbroker.
Call us on 01254 699333 or 01772 887880 or drop us a line at info@hedleyandco.co.uk.
Please note when investing in stocks and shares there is a risk of loss to capital and income. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.
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