Building Your Wealth: How A Stocks And Shares ISA Can Help

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More and more people, of all demographics and ages are striving toward building their wealth. Although there are so many ways to build your wealth, whether it be through investing, earning or other types of savings, this blog aims to delve in to how a stocks and shares ISA may help those who are wanting to further grow their financial portfolio.
At Hedley and Co, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice when it comes to building your wealth. Hedley and Co’s stocks and shares ISA’s aim to provide our clients with the opportunity to invest in a variety of different assets. Let us explore how a stocks and shares ISA could potentially help you build your wealth, and the role we might play in facilitating this financial growth here at Hedley and Co.

Building Your Wealth

Before we delve into the role of an Individual Savings Account (ISA), let us first explore what we mean by ‘building your wealth’.
Building wealth is a goal that many people aim to achieve - but the truth is, gaining peak financial status isn’t a quick fix, and in fact can be achieved through many different routes.
It often starts through earnings and ends with the principle of protecting those assets that you have accumulated and invested in across time. Building your wealth the right way, by which we mean the most sustainable way, can take a long time of saving and investing, however there are several tools that can help - such as a stocks and shares ISA.

Stocks And Shares ISA’s

We know that a stocks and shares ISA may assist wealth accumulation, but first of all, what is this type of ISA?
Many of us have heard of an ISA - sometimes referred to as a ‘tax wrapper’. The money held in an ISA is protected from different forms of tax including Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. These ‘wrappers’ can be utilised to invest in a range of investment products, shares and bonds.

How Stocks And Shares ISA’s Can Help Build Your Wealth

One of the most attractive attributes of this type of ISA, is that the user isn’t required to pay tax on income generated within the ISA.
Stocks and shares ISA’s can be tailored, allowing you to build your wealth in line with personal goals and circumstances. These ISA’s come with investment freedom, you can invest for as long as you need, whether it be regular contributions or one offs.
If you are planning on investing funds, it is worth considering a stocks and shares ISA for the tax protection and freedom it offers you on your journey to wealth growth.
Using our management service can take the hassle and intimidation of starting to build your wealth away. Having a stockbroker or wealth manager on board means that you receive an investment plan to suit your requirements.

Stocks And Shares ISA At Hedley And Co

Not only do we have this type of Individual Savings Account to offer, we also provide a bespoke service to our clients, tailoring an investment package to our client’s needs.
Whether you want to invest in shares, gilts, trusts or fixed interest stocks, we can help guide you on what investment may be right for you.
If you are wanting to build your wealth and would like to find out whether a stocks and shares ISA is the right one to help you do this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Our team are happy to answer queries whether you have an existing ISA that you would like to consider transferring to Hedley and Co or want to embark on your wealth building process.
Please note when investing in stocks and shares there is a risk of loss to capital and income. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you initially invested. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.
Get in touch with us today by calling 01254 699333 or 01772 887880 or emailing info@hedleyandco.co.uk.
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